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Terms & Conditions


1. This voucher is issued by the Agent as Agent of the Operating Company on whose service this voucher is available is subject to the conditions of travel imposed by the Operating Company which include or shall be deemed to include the following:

(a) It is it the responsibility of the passengers to arrive at the correct point on time – the coach may not be able to wait for latecomers. Please check with our Company if you have any doubt.
(b) The Operating Company reserves the right to withdraw services and change routes at any time without previous notice their liability being strictly limited to the price paid for this voucher. There shall be no liability on the Operating Company for delays or failure to adhere to scheduled times howsoever caused.
(c) Particulars of departure points and times are advertised in the Operating Company’s Programme and no claims of any kind can be entertained which are based on oral information differing there from whether given by the Operating Company’s staff or Agents or otherwise.
(d) The value or price of unused vouchers is not refundable – or transferable. No refunds will be made at all if the tour has been taken, or is less than 72 hours notice. Third party fares (Train, Coach or Cab) will not be refunded without prior notification to the company whose permission must be sought prior to any arrangement being made. Any delays on any Continental Trips, however caused by third parties will not be refunded or compensated.
You are advised to take your own appropriate travel insurance
(e) Vouchers are available only for the time, date and journey stated thereon.
(f) Refunds can only be dealt with in accordance with the rules of the Operator on whose service this ticket is available and, where so required, applications must be made direct to the operator.

2. This ticket must be produced to and surrendered to, any official of the Operating Company on demand.

3. Receipt of this voucher without immediate objection and return of same shall be deemed acceptance of and agreement to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

4. The liability of the Operating Company in any claims does not exceed the value of the fare.

5. No refund will be considered if the passenger misses the coach.

6. The Company reserves the absolute right to vary pick up and routing arrangements on any tour. This extends to the substitution of any vehicle in the event of prevailing operational conditions, without further liability.

7. All credits and, or vouchers are only valid for use, as shown on the documents. Not Withstanding any usage of said voucher/credit note will cease to be valid at the end of the calendar year of issue.

8. It is the responsibility of the passenger to conform to any EEC duty Free Allowances and Restrictions and we will not be held liable for any goods confiscated, or delay caused by those passengers, nor will Barbed Wire Tours Ltd refund any part of any fare paid if passengers have knowingly exceeded regulations. Any passengers exceeding customs allowances may be left at any port if excessive delays are caused to the ongoing journey. Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated nor abuse to our staff or other passengers and the company will use the right to remove passengers under the conduct of passengers regulations – the company will not be liable for any restitution of travel costs under the circumstances. Any passengers who continually behave in a manner not becoming to good conduct will be disallowed from future travel with Barbed Wire Tours Ltd.

9. It is the responsibility of the passenger to be at the pick up points on time during the tour. Barbed Wire Tours Ltd MAY wait for a period not exceeding five minutes for any delayed passengers and cannot be held liable for any passenger missing the coach, nor will refunds be issued.

10. Please note that any offers, or vouchers may only be used within the specified dates, and cannot be used past the shown valid dates. All Credit Notes and vouchers will expire on 31st of December of the current year, unless otherwise stated- Please contact our shop, if you have any difficulty using your vouchers/credit notes by that date.

11. The coach used on any service may be either Barbed Wire Tours Ltd, Ebdons Tours or Lewis Travel.

12. No journey time can be guaranteed for any trip dependent upon prevailing traffic conditions at any time. An approximation may be made only.

13. Our depot telephone number is 07780 469499 FOR OUT OF HOURS CALLS.

14. Please note that we do not allocate seat numbers or position in the coach. Every effort is made to accommodate passenger requests. Errors and Omissions Excepted.

15. All Value Range Coastal Day Tours are not refundable under any circumstances – A single fare is charged for any category.

16. All admissions and third party services (Food: tea: admissions etc) are EXCLUDED except where stated.

17. Tickets are not posted out unless requested and a charge of £1 will be made to provide this service.

18. Your credit card statement may show Barbed Wire Tours Ltd, Lewis Ebdons or Mot Factory.

19. Any passenger travelling with excess levels of alcohol may be asked to leave the coach during a tour under the Passenger Conduct Act in Construction and use Regulations and there will be no redress or liability on behalf of the company for restitution of cost or refund – Passenger may also be banned from future travel.

20. For Any Continental Tours Crossings – Pick up times in the morning will be advised 24 hours at least prior to travel and you should call 07780 469499 to get your timing. Note that pick up times may be from 0400 Hours to 0800 Hours within this time span. All passengers’ names and Nationality of passport must be advised. All timings are subject to the availability of crossings and we reserve the right to vary the mode of crossing from Ferry to Shuttle. No refund will be entertained in these circumstances. 21. We aim for three to four hours at Northern France or Belgium – this is not guaranteed.

22. Any Passenger missing any trip, UK or Continental by their own fault will not be refunded or transferred.

23. Passengers travelling in groups must sit together as advised by the driver with due considerations to other passengers. Maximum of 12 passengers in a group booking unless permission granted.

24. Postage is non refundable.

25. Child age range is 4-15 years inclusive. ANY CHILDREN MUST HAVE A CHILD CAR SEAT (not supplied)- It is not permitted to sit on laps.


Battlefields were and are dangerous places.
Your participation is entirely at your own risk.


Health and Safety


1. Passengers travelling on any Barbed Wire Tours Ltd, Coaches are advised that seat belts must be worn whilst travelling and seated in the coach.

2. Please remain seated in the coach UNTIL advised that it is safe to remove your seatbelt, by the driver.

3. Any passenger using the facilities on the coach do so at their own risk whilst the vehicle is moving and due care must be taken in a moving vehicle if using the WC or any facility on the coach.

4. Care must be taken when entering or leaving the coach.

5. Barbed Wire Tours Ltd, will not accept any liability for any incident that is unreported in writing, after seven days of travelling.

6. Barbed Wire Tours Ltd will not accept any liability for any incident away from the Coach when traversing the battlefields.

7. Items found on the battlefields must not be brought on to the coach.

8. Acceptance of these terms and conditions and safety notices is agreed by entering into provision of coach travel.

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